Level 1 Item NTGS
Level 1 Item About Resourcing the Territory
Level 2 Item Geoscience projects
Level 3 Item Upgrading geophysical data coverage
Level 3 Item New geoscience in the Barkly and Gulf regions
Level 3 Item Stimulating exploration in Central Australia
Level 3 Item Hylogger scanning services and data
Level 2 Item Industry data capture
Level 2 Item Previous initiatives
Level 1 Item Exploration grants
Level 2 Item Round 15 successful projects
Level 2 Item Successful projects in previous rounds
Level 1 Item Minerals
Level 2 Item Mineral commodities
Level 3 Item Bauxite
Level 3 Item Copper
Level 3 Item Critical Minerals
Level 3 Item Diamonds
Level 3 Item Gold
Level 3 Item Iron ore
Level 3 Item Manganese
Level 3 Item Mineral Sands
Level 3 Item Phosphate and Potash
Level 3 Item Uranium
Level 3 Item Zinc, Lead and Silver
Level 2 Item Mines and projects
Level 3 Item Operating Mines
Level 3 Item Developing Projects
Level 3 Item Exploration Activity
Level 2 Item Investment opportunities
Level 1 Item Oil and Gas
Level 2 Item Onshore petroleum basins in the Northern Territory
Level 3 Item Producing basins
Level 3 Item Advanced exploration
Level 4 Item McArthur Basin
Level 4 Item Onshore Bonaparte Basin
Level 3 Item Frontier basins
Level 2 Item Onshore exploration
Level 1 Item Data and Publications
Level 2 Item Geoscience publications
Level 2 Item Geophysical data
Level 2 Item Maps and explanatory notes
Level 2 Item Digital Information Packages (DIPS)
Level 2 Item Partner releases
Level 2 Item Hyperspectral drill hole reports and data
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