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Mineral Sands

The Northern Territory has a range of mineral sands resources including zircon, rutile and leucoxene-rich coastal sands on the Tiwi Islands, ilmenite-rich sands overlying weathered dolerite in the Roper region, garnet-rich alluvial sands in the Harts Range region and monazite- and xenotime-rich alluvial sands in central Australia.
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Historic production
78,000 tonnes mineral sand concentrate
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2018/19 production
24,830 tonnes


For more information go to Australian Ilmenite Resources 

No published resource

The Sill 80 ilmenite project, located 105km east of Mataranka in the Roper region, has a resource of high-quality ilmenite in surficial cover overlying sills of Derim Derim Dolerite that intrude the Roper Group. There is no publicly announced resource for the project, which is operated by Australian Ilmenite Resources Pty Ltd.

Production initially commenced in 2013, and following plant upgrades and recommissioning, the project has increased its production in 2018 and 2019. The project has longer term potential to produce up to 300,000 tonnes of ilmenite concentrate per annum.

23 Mt @ 5.1% garnet

Substantial resources of abrasive-quality garnet occur within alluvial sands, watercourses and sand dunes north of the Harts Range. The Harts Range garnet sand deposit, located 170km northeast of Alice Springs contains 1.2 Mt of contained garnet with an additional 2.6 Mt garnet in adjacent deposits. Australian Abrasive Minerals Pty Ltd commenced production in 2016, and after a period in administration, the company has resumed production in 2019, with a production capacity of up to 130,000 tpa garnet concentrate. The project includes a fine screening plant and wet concentrator plant at the mine site, and a dry mineral separation plant located 35km north of Alice Springs.

The Harts Range deposit and surrounding deposits also contain substantial alumino-magnesio-hornblende (AMH).


Deposits of heavy mineral sands along the northwestern coastline of the NT, the most significant of which are located in Melville and Bathurst islands. Total reserves plus resources estimated at these deposits in 2006 were 13.13 Mt averaging 4.4% heavy minerals, containing 106,000 tonne zircon, 56,000 tonne rutile, 59,000 tonne ilmenite and 34,000 tonne leucoxene. Past mining has occurred at Andranangoo Creek West (2006-2008; 22,487 tonne of concentrate produced), Lethbridge West (2009-2010; 11,500 tonne produced) and Lethbridge South (2011-2013; 33,000 tonne produced). An undeveloped resource occurs at Kilimiraka on the southwestern coastline of Bathurst Island.

Under feasibility

  • Kilimaraka – MZI Resources Ltd 56.2 Mt @ 1.6% heavy minerals (for 893,700 tonne of HM containing > 92,000 tonne zircon, 57,000 tonne rutile, 127,000 tonne leucoxene and 368,000 tonne ilmenite).

Potential also exists in Central Australia for alluvial sand deposits containing monazite and xenotime that represent a potential source of rare earth elements, with a high proportion of heavy rare earths such as dysprosium. The Charley Creek project, 120km west of Alice Springs is the only advanced project, and also has potential to produce zircon, rutile and ilmentite.

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