Successful projects in previous rounds

The Geophysics and Drilling Collaborations program has been funded continuously through Northern Territory Government initiatives since 2008.

The program continues to meet its primary aim of contributing geological information to areas where there is a paucity of knowledge and data.

Data collected from round 1 to 13 includes:

  • 149 diamond drill holes from 70 drilling programs totalling more than 52,000m
  • three reverse circulation drill holes for more than 400m
  • 49 geophysics programs including:
    • >26,000 gravity stations and > 4,000 line km of airborne gravity gradiometry
    • >29,000 line km of AEM
    • >176,000 line km of magnetics and radiometrics
    • >20 km of 2D seismic
    • smaller scale surveys using AMT, 3D IP, SAM and passive seismic.

Please use the map below to view all of the previous successful geophysics and drilling projects (round 1 to 13) with links to the OPEN FILE final reports and data.

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