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Iron ore

The Northern Territory contains a number of iron ore deposits with two periods of mining from 1967-1974 and 2007-2014 producing a total of 18.2 million tonnes of iron ore.
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Total production
18.24 Mt of hematite ore
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Remaining JORC resources
~100 Mt of DSO iron ore (>55% Fe)

Most production has occurred from the Frances Creek iron ore deposits near Pine Creek, which are hydrothermally-enriched hematite deposits within the Pine Creek Orogen.

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Large resources also occur in the Roper iron field, hosted in the Roper Group of the McArthur Basin, south of the Roper River. The field contains more than 1 billion tonnes of moderate grade iron ore, with around 85 million tonnes of higher grade direct shipping ore (57-59% Fe) at the Roper Valley and Roper Bar deposits. Mining occurred at Roper Bar in 2013-2014, with export through Bing Bong port. Iron ore in the Roper field varies from massive to oolitic and pisolitic haematite, within the Mesoproterozoic Sherwin Ironstone Member.

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Iron resources also occur as part of TNG Ltd’s Mount Peake vanadium-rich magnetite project in the Aileron Province, where feasibility studies propose the production of high purity Fe2O3 with vanadium pentoxide and titanium dioxide.

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Pine Creek Orogen hosts a number of high grade and low tonnage hydrothermally-enriched hematite deposits.

Advanced projects

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  • Yarram – Gold Valley Iron Pty Ltd  15.1 Mt @ 52.1% Fe and 0.24% P including 4.5 Mt @ 61.7% Fe

Historical mining of gold- and copper-bearing ironstone at Tennant Creek has produced tailings containing up to 70% magnetite at a number of sites that are located near the Alice Springs-Darwin railway line and existing infrastructure.

Advanced projects

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  • Warrego tailings – Wisdom Initiative Pty Ltd 7.72 Mt @ 35.2% Fe for magnetite concentrate of 2.92 Mt @ 67.1% Fe


  • NTGS Report 13 – Iron ore, manganese and bauxite deposits of the Northern Territory (2001)
  • Glass and de Chaeney, AGES 2014 Abstracts Volume – Frances Creek iron ore deposit - a unique style of iron mineralisation?

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