Geoscience Projects

Geoscience projects

Integrated and collaborative projects designed to improve the geoscience data coverage and knowledge in targeted areas of the Northern Territory.

The Northern Territory Geological Survey is undertaking geoscience projects with a focus on partnerships and collaborations with industry, researchers and other Government geosciences agencies. The delivery of integrated and contemporary geoscience data and interpretations is designed to open up new areas for exploration and underpin private sector exploration success.

The key regional geoscience themes under the Resourcing the Territory initiative are:

  • Upgrading the Territory’s coverage of geophysical data with a focus on acquiring airborne magnetic-radiometric or ground gravity data in prospective areas where data quality or density is insufficient.
  • Unlocking the resource potential of the Barkly and Gulf regions through a diverse range of geoscience programs, including co-investing in major new data acquisition with Geoscience Australia under the Commonwealth’s Exploring for the Future program. This program includes drilling programs designed to investigate the minerals and energy potential of the Barkly Tableland, and will utilise new seismic data to assess the nature and potential of concealed frontier basins in this area.
  • Stimulating greenfields exploration in Central Australia through geoscience mapping and collaborative programs in the Amadeus Basin, Aileron and Irindina provinces to highlight resource potential and support increased exploration in the Central Australian region.