NTGS exploring


The authoritative source of data, information and advice on the geology and mineral and energy resources of the Northern Territory.

The Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) is the custodian of knowledge and data on the Territory’s geology and resources, and undertakes activities to support and grow the minerals and petroleum exploration industry.

Key priorities for NTGS include:

  • undertaking new pre-competitive geoscience, including geological mapping, geophysical surveys, regional prospectivity assessments and commodity studies aimed at providing a regional geological framework and baseline datasets to identify resource potential and support and de-risk industry exploration.
  • managing and freely distributing a large volume of data and information relating to the geology and the mineral and energy resources of the Northern Territory. This includes maintaining information centres and drill core library facilities in both Darwin and Alice Springs, and managing and upgrading spatial databases and online delivery systems for exploration and geological data.
  • managing statutory reporting of mineral and petroleum exploration and production.
  • advising Government and the community on issues relating to geoscience and minerals and petroleum resources, exploration and mining development.
  • promoting the minerals and energy resource potential of the Territory to the domestic and global exploration industry.

For further detail on our key priorities, download the NTGS Strategic Plan for 2021-2030.

NTGS is currently responsible for implementing the Northern Territory Government’s Resourcing the Territory initiative which will be expanded to $9.5 million per annum on an ongoing basis form 1 July 2022.

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