Accelerate project investment

Report analysing decisions options to increase investment attractiveness in the Territory private investment and opportunities for investment attraction.

Stream 2 – considers actions to accelerate project investment decisions including project financing options, alternative royalty models and necessary government and industry roles, actions and support.

The second work stream covers the financial conditions for investment, such as the competitiveness of our mineral royalty regime, the appetite of private investors for resource investments in our region, and the availability of government support, including through the Commonwealth Government’s Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility or NAIF, Modern Manufacturing Strategy, Export Finance Australia, the the Territory’s Local Jobs Fund, and other government initiatives.

This is an important stream that needs to consider the many voices that are keen to contribute to this topic. In this respect, the Taskforce has engaged with the Land Councils, peak industry bodies miners and financiers, to understand the options that might best suit the Territory.

Traditional Owners have expressed a desire for greater levels of engagement and ongoing economic opportunities.

Similarly, there is a strong Land Council interest in ensuring that any options for reform of the Territory’s mineral royalty scheme do not affect commonwealth's matching funding of the Aboriginal Benefits Account.

There have been industry representations to also raise the imperative, to ensure certainty and transparency for business, some of the challenges associated with the high cost of doing business in the Territory, and of course, the workforce challenges, which is having global impact.

For investors, the Taskforce also acknowledges their expectations, and the competitive nature of attraction their interest in deciding where to place their capital.

The Taskforce is progressing a significant body of work to align expectations and to balance the potential for competing interests, when it comes to their recommendations for accelerating project investment decisions.

what we are doing to
accelerate project investment
Reassess the mining royalty scheme
Funding and financing opportunities

Mining in the Territory

International goods and service exports comprises 24% of the Territory's GSP 1

Mining and petroleum comprises 24.1% of the Territory's GSP 2

In the financial years 2021-2023 economic growth is expected to average 2.7% 2

The Territory's major exports are liquefied natural gas, live animals, and mineral ores and concentrates 3

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