Mineral Development Taskforce

The Mineral Development Taskforce has been established to accelerate mining development in the Territory through private investment.

In November 2021, the Mineral Development Taskforce was announced by Deputy Chief Minister Hon Nicole Mansion to accelerate investment in mineral projects in the Territory.

The Taskforce includes 8 members (including the chair) and comprises of government, industry and private sector experts. This diverse and highly experienced group is drawn from industry, government, and the Northern Land Council.

This Taskforce brings a depth of invaluable knowledge and experience to the table.

The Taskforce is considering the competitiveness of the Territory’s overarching business environment for mining, and downstream manufacturing projects which seek to add value to our natural resources before we export them to market.

The Taskforce will consider and identify opportunities to accelerate investment in new projects and recommend ways to win more private investment.

The Territory Government recognises that the imperative is to speed-up the process for turning prospective mines into producing mines but in a manner which is environmentally, socially and culturally responsible.

The Taskforce has been meeting regularly since December 2021 as a group, or as sub-committees.

Three distinct streams of activity are progressing in parallel and will form the basis for the Taskforce’s final report to Government.

The final report is anticipated at the end of 2022.

Members of the
Mineral Development Taskforce

Mining in the Territory

International goods and service exports comprises 24% of the Territory's GSP 1

Mining and petroleum comprises 24.1% of the Territory's GSP 2

In the financial years 2021-2023 economic growth is expected to average 2.7% 2

The Territory's major exports are liquefied natural gas, live animals, and mineral ores and concentrates 3

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2 Information sourced from nteconomy.nt.gov.au/outlook