Increase the Territory's global competitiveness

Report analysing competitiveness of Territory minerals sector including detailed assessment of barriers to private investment and opportunities for investment attraction.

Stream 1 - Considers options for increasing investment attractiveness based on analysis of the comparative competitiveness of the Territory’s mineral sector including detailed assessment of barriers to private investment.

The first work stream deals with the operating environment – mining tenure, access to land, infrastructure and logistics and regulatory frameworks. It is also exploring issues around skills and workforce supply in the Territory, and social licence for the mining industry.

The mining and energy sector currently contributes up to close to one quarter of the Territory’s gross state product and has the potential to significantly boost the Territory economy and deliver additional jobs.

Currently, the mining sector employs over 5,900 people directly and the total value of mineral production in the Territory was $4.2 billion.

There is real excitement and momentum in the Territory’s mineral exploration sector, with renewed interest in commodities such as copper, lithium and rare earths.

In the 2021-22 financial year, mineral exploration expenditure in the Territory was $171.5 million, up 34% from the previous year.

This was the highest annual figure in the past decade, and the third highest on record.

Indicators suggest that this growth in exploration is only going to continue. There’s been a rapid uptake in new mineral exploration tenure over the past year, with numerous new companies investing in the Territory.

Establishing new mines will create local jobs for Territorians and significantly boost the economy. The Taskforce will play a leading role in exploring strategy, policy, and regulatory options to drive investment in mineral projects and facilitate responsible growth of mining and downstream industries.

The Territory Government recognises the importance of transitioning away from a ‘dig and ship’ approach to one where local beneficiation and value add is maximised, recognising that this has not just broader economic and social benefits for Territorians, but also delivers strong strategic advantages.

The Taskforce will consider a range of recommendations to increase investment attractiveness of the Territory’s mineral sector.

what are we doing to
increase the Territory’s global competitiveness?
Mining Titles and Tenure
Land access
Strategic communications
Regulatory reforms
Skills and workforce

Mining in the Territory

International goods and service exports comprises 24% of the Territory's GSP 1

Mining and petroleum comprises 24.1% of the Territory's GSP 2

In the financial years 2021-2023 economic growth is expected to average 2.7% 2

The Territory's major exports are liquefied natural gas, live animals, and mineral ores and concentrates 3

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