Three NTGS records released on the geology of the Rover field, Warramunga Province

Rover Field studies

New NTGS Records have been released as part of a Northern Territory Geological Survey-Geoscience Australia collaboration to improve understanding of the regional geological framework and resource potential of the Rover field. The Rover field is an area of prospective Paleoproterozoic geology southwest of Tennant Creek that is entirely concealed below younger sedimentary cover, and which contains a number of copper-gold and polymetallic deposits and prospects.

NTGS Record 2021-006: Lithology and petrology of drillhole TDD001, Bluebush area, Warramunga Province downloadable through GEMIS, presents the results of detailed logging and petrographic studies of mineralised drillhole TDD01 from the Bluebush area located between the Rover field and the Tennant Creek mineral field. Drillhole TDD01 intersected high-magnesium, porphyritic actinolite basalt with minor meta greywacke and phyllite, and contains mineralisation that may represent a hybrid between an early orthomagmatic nickel-copper sulfide mineralisation overprinted by epigenetic base metal mineralisation.

NTGS Record 2021-005 Lithology and petrology of the Rover field, Warramunga Province: Selected unmineralised drill core presents the results of detailed logging and petrographic studies of six relatively unmineralised drillholes of the Rover field. The drillholes intersect volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks of variable composition, from dacitic-andesitic coherent volcanic rocks with lesser basaltic intervals to more fractionated rhyolitic volcanic rocks.

NTGS Record 2021-003: Summary of results. Joint NTGS-GA geochronology project: Rover mineral field, Warramunga Province, January-June 2020 presents new Sensitive High Resolution Ion Micro Probe (SHRIMP) U–Pb geochronological results for five drill core samples from the Rover field.  The results provide evidence that felsic to intermediate volcanism and related volcaniclastic sedimentation in the Rover field extended between ca 1858 Ma and 1842 Ma.