Newly compiled petroleum geoscience data from onshore basins in southeast NT


Digital Information Package (DIP) 034 is a compilation of data from 1,134 samples from 21 petroleum wells from the stacked Warburton, Pedirka and Eromanga basins. The data will help inform the petroleum and mineral resource potential of these key onshore basins. The data is sourced from open file company reports, core sampling reports (CSR), and government publications from drill core held at NTGS Core Facilities and the Geoscience Australia Repository.

The well and petroleum datasets captured include:

  • well header information
  • formation tops
  • hydrocarbon shows
  • casing information
  • core and sidewall core information
  • deviations
  • bottom hole temperature (BHT) data
  • drill stem tests
  • references to petrophysical logs
  • total organic carbon (TOC) and programmed pyrolysis
  • organic petrology and reflectance
  • extracted organic matter
  • hydrocarbon geochemistry
  • gas geochemistry
  • sorption isotherms
  • desorption data
  • bulk isotopes
  • biostratigraphy
  • detrital zircon geochronology

Download the DIP034 summary report and data through GEMIS.