XRD data released from shales across the greater McArthur Basin


NTGS Record 2021-010 forms part of the ongoing assessment of the unconventional hydrocarbon potential of the greater McArthur Basin. A component of this assessment is understanding the bulk and clay mineralogy of shales from the basin succession to determine their heterogeneity, brittleness, and thermal maturity.

NTGS contracted Weatherford Laboratories (Australia) Pty Ltd to undertake X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyses on shales from various stratigraphic units across the greater McArthur basin. This Record includes tabulations of XRD data for 469 shale samples from 71 drill cores and one outcrop site; it also includes the associated diffractograms for 158 of those samples. The results highlight the differences in bulk and clay mineralogy between each of the different shale units across the McArthur Basin. This dataset may be used in conjunction with existing data to support future resource assessments within the greater McArthur Basin.

Download NTGS Record 2021-010: X-ray diffraction data of shales from the greater McArthur Basin through GEMIS.