Preliminary findings support resource potential of the South Nicholson Basin


The NDI South Nicholson campaign successfully drilled the 1,750 metre deep Carrara 1 hole, targeted from the seismic interpretation of the South Nicholson Basin funded through Geosciences Australia's Exploring for the Future program and NTGS in 2017.

Preliminary findings from the drilling suggest the sub-basin intersected host rocks prospective for both minerals and petroleum, highlighting the significant resource potential of the region. Read MinEx CRC's press release.

The data currently available includes downhole wireline logs, on-site drilling logs and photographs of core samples. Geochemical anaylses, rock properties and fluid inclusion data, x-ray powder diffraction analysis and geochronology on over 350 samples in currently underway and will be released throughout 2021.

View the Carrara 1 borehole completion report through MinEX CRC's data portal and GA's data portal. Enter you email address through the portal to download the full suite of available data.