MinEx CRC Carrara 1 drillhole available for viewing only on Tuesday August 31

News_Carrara1 viewing and sampling

Selected sections from Carrara-1 will be laid out for viewing only at the NTGS Core Facility, 38 Farrell Crescent, Darwin on Tuesday August 31 from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm. Sampling will not be available during the viewing only period.

Dr Amber Jarrett from NTGS will be available during the viewing to answer questions related to Carrara-1. Amber was instrumental in designing and implementing the systematic sampling program for Carrara-1 through which Geoscience Australia will undertake a consistent and comprehensive suite of analyses.

Chris Carson from Geoscience Australia also plans to be present for the viewing dependant on COVID impacted travel permissions. Chris is the lead at Geoscience Australia regarding the analysis and interpretation of the geology intersected by Carrara-1.

If you would like to view the selected sections of Carrara-1 drillcore on 31 August, please contact Darryl Stacey (08) 8984 3036 to book a time. Bookings close August 30.

It is anticipated Carrara-1 will be open filed with the selected samples of Carrara-1 remaining on display for viewing and sampling on September 1. To understand NTGS core sampling protocols including reporting requirements; and to request access to sampling the selected sections of Cararra-1, visit Accessing the drill core library - NT.GOV.AU.

All other sections of the Carrara-1 drillcore will be available for sampling after September 2 by request taking into account core facilities availability and NTGS core sampling protocols.

For further information on Carrara-1, visit MinEx CRC's website for the borehole completion report.