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Oil and Gas

The Northern Territory has a long history of oil and gas production, and has very large undeveloped resources in frontier basins.

Recent figures for petroleum production from the Amadeus Basin fields plus onshore oil and gas reserves and resources for combined Northern Territory (NT) onshore basins can be found on the Department of Industry Tourism and Trade website.

Onshore petroleum potential

The NT is prospective for both conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons in a number of sedimentary basins in both the onshore and offshore. This includes large onshore shale gas resources that are currently under exploration. Whilst the NT's onshore basins are prospective, they all remain underexplored by world standards.

View additional information on the NT's onshore basins and petroleum potential and an overview of current exploration activity.

Petroleum regulation

The NT owns all onshore and within the coastal waters petroleum resources. The Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade administers and regulates petroleum tenure and activities in these areas. This includes petroleum resource exploration and development and the construction and operation of oil and gas facilities and transmission pipelines.

Further information regarding regulatory requirements can be found on the NT Government website.

Hydraulic fracturing

In late 2016 the NT Government commissioned an Independent Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the NT. Following the release of the Inquiry's final report in March 2018, the government accepted all 135 recommendations in the report and lifted the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing of unconventional gas in the NT.

Updates on the implementation of the recommendations from the inquiry, and changes to the regulatory framework for petroleum exploration and production can be found at the NT Government's onshore gas website.

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