Undercover western Warramunga Province; the Rover field revealed


Four new publications (DIP023-026) have been released in the Warramunga Province mineral deposit series focussing on the Rover field. The DIPs comprise regional and individual deposit 3D compilations and accompanying atlases undertaken by W.H. Bryan Mining & Geology Research Centre.

  • DIP023 comprises the regional 3D compilation and 1:25 000 scale interpreted geology GIS package of the entire Rover field.
  • DIP024 focuses on the high-grade Au-Cu-Bi Rover 1 deposit.
  • DIP025 focuses on the Explorer 108 Pb-Zn deposit and nearby Curiosity Cu-Au prospect.
  • DIP026 focuses on the Explorer 142 ironstone-hosted Cu-Au deposit.

Watch the Sustainable Minerals Institutes, Undercover Western Warramunga Province: The Rover Field revealed webinar.