Round 15 successful projects

Twenty nine projects from 23 companies have been awarded co-funding for round 15.

The projects will be completed within the 2022/23 financial year. Upon completion of the projects, a report on the work undertaken is submitted to the Northern Territory Geological Survey. The report and data become publicly accessible six months from the completion of the field work.

Open file data can be accessed through our interactive exploration grants map and through GEMIS.

Round 15 successful projects map PDF (1.8 MB)

Round 15 projects

Greenfields drilling

ApplicantTenement Project name
Australasian Metals LtdEL32830Diamond Drilling in Mt Peake Lithium Project in Northern Arunta Pegmatite Province
Barkly Operations Pty LtdEL32297Barkly Super Project
Knox Resources Pty LtdEL32295EL32295 Leichardht East IOCG Drilling
Minerals Pty LtdEL32453, EL32456, EL32474Barkly Project
Prodigy Gold NLEL31331Boco North Drilling
Tennant Minerals LtdEL30701Babbler Deep Drilling

Brownfields diamond drilling

ApplicantTenement Project name
Core Lithium LtdEL30012Sandras Deep Drilling
Eastern Metals LtdEL 23186 Home of Bullion Extension
Emmerson Resources LtdMLC586, MLC36Golden Forty East
Enigma Mining LtdEL31850, EL29578Mount Peake Brownfields Diamond Drilling
NT Mining Operations Pty LtdMLN1130 / EL30419Gandy's Down Plunge Potential drilling
Tennant Consolidated Mining Group Pty LdMLC512, MLC525, MLC539, MLC688Nobles Deep 2022
TM Gold Pty LtdML23812PC Gold Pty Ltd Spring Hill Gold Project Hong Kong Zone Sheeted Vein System Deeps Drillhole

Greenfields Geophysics

ApplicantTenement Project name
Encounter Resources LtdEL32374, EL32421, EL32694, EL32695, EL32696Sandover Gravity
IGO LtdELA31865Central Raptor Helitem Airborne Electromagnetic Survey
IGO LtdEL32778, EL32780, ELA32784, ELA32768, ELA32769Irindina Undercover AMAGRAD survey
IGO LtdELA31870, EL31872, EL32582, ELA33145Raptor East SPECTREM Airborne Electromagnetic Survey
King River Resources LtdEL31633, EL31634Epenarra Project
Knox Resources Pty LtdEL32285, EL32286Ranken Project (South Nicholson Basin) - ground gravity and passive seismic survey
Teck Australia Pty LtdEL32544, EL32546, EL32550, EL32551, EL32734, EL32922Barkly Project

Brownfields Targeting

Core Lithium LtdEL31407Shoobridge ANT
Elevate Uranium LtdEL25758EL8 Brownfields Targeting
Emmerson Resources LtdEL28761, EL31919, EL9958, EL10114, EL26594, EL28776, EL32213, EL31832High Definition Magnetic and Elevation Survey (Drone Survey) in the Northern Project Area, Tennant Creek Mineral Field
Emmerson Resources LtdMLC36, MLC586, MLC584, MLC135Golden Forty South
Gempart Pty LtdEL32335, EL32758Edwards Creek South VTEM
Inca Minerals LtdEL 32485, EL 32486Jean Elson VTEM GDC Project
Mining Projects Accelerator Pty LtdEL23875EL 23875 Helitem Survey
PNX Metals LtdEL25748, EL23536, EL10120, EL23431Hayes Creek Drone Magnetics
Strategic Energy Resources LtdEL32306, EL32617, EL32760, EL32109East Tennant IP

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