Round 14 successful projects

Eighteen projects from 15 companies have been awarded co-funding for round 14.

The projects will be completed within the 2021/22 financial year. Upon completion of the projects, a report on the work undertaken is submitted to the Northern Territory Geological Survey. The report and data become publicly accessible six months from the completion of the field work.

Open file data can be accessed through our interactive exploration grants map and through GEMIS.

Round 14 successful projects map PDF (1.9 MB)

Round 14 projects

Greenfields diamond drilling

ApplicantTenement Project name
Newcrest Mining LtdEL32303Fangtooth Diamond drilling
Strategic Energy Resources LtdEL32617 (application)East Tennant IOCG Drilling
Core Lithium LtdEL 29698Bynoe Gold (Far East) GDC proposal
iCopper Pty LtdEL 30256Ferdies Find Drilling 2021

Brownfields diamond drilling

ApplicantTenement Project name
Bacchus Resources Pty LtdMLN 1139Brocks Creek Project - Brownfields Diamond Drilling
Molyhil Mining Pty LtdML23825 and EL22349Molyhil Magnetic Extension
Vista Gold Australia Pty LtdML1070Mt Todd near mine exploration
Redbank Operations PLERL94Redbank Stratigraphic Drill Hole Proposal
Prodigy Gold NLEL31331PHD diamond drilling

Greenfields Reverse-circulation drilling

ApplicantTenement Project name
IGO LtdEL25146, EL31234Border Gold Target Testing


ApplicantTenement Project name
Barkly Operations Pty LtdEL32297, EL32298, EL32301, EL32308, EL32309Barkly Exploration - Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric survey
IGO LtdELA31865Raptor Project: Patricia Studholme Airborne Electromagnetic Survey
Knox Resources Pty LtdEL32283 and EL32284 under applicationGeorgina Basin Project – Airborne Geophysics
Knox Resources Pty LtdEL32282 and EL32296Georgina Basin Project – Ground Gravity Survey
Inca Minerals LtdEL 32485 and EL 32486Jean Elson AMAGRAD Project
Inca Minerals LtdEL's 32289 and 32293 (granted); EL's 32580, 32635, 32688, 32689 and 32690 (applications)Frewena Group AMAGRAD Project
King River Resources LtdEL31634EL31634 - Epenarra Mag
Central Petroleum LimitedEP115Zevon 2D seismic test line EP115