Round 13 successful projects

Projects awarded co-funding in round 13 are now in progress.

The projects will be completed within the 2020/21 financial year. Upon completion of the projects, a report on the work undertaken is submitted to the Northern Territory Geological Survey. The report and data become publicly accessible six months from the completion of the field work.

Open file data can be accessed through our interactive exploration grants map and through GEMIS.

Round 13 successful projects map PDF (659.4 KB)

Round 13 projects

Diamond drilling

ApplicantTenement Project name
IGO Ltd EL30733, EL30740 Greenfields drilling Lake Mackay Project
Icopper Pty Ltd EL30256 Ferdies Find Drilling
Ismins Pty Ltd EL25399, EL25436 Compass Creek Project

Reverse-circulation drilling

ApplicantTenement Project name
Prodigy Gold NL EL23886 Lennon Gold Prospect RC Drilling
Viva Resources Pty Ltd EL25065 Southern Flank


ApplicantTenement Project name
Inca Minerals Ltd EL31974, ELA32287, ELA32293 Frewena Fable and Frewena Far East Projects
Strategic Energy Resources Ltd EL32109, ELA32306, ELA32307 East Tennant Ground Gravity
King River Resources Ltd EL31633, EL31634 Epenarra, Tennant East
IGO Ltd ELA30116, ELA30117, ELA31857, ELA31858, ELA31859, ELA31860 Raptor Project: Willowra Gravity Ridge-West
Core Lithium Ltd EL29698, EL29699 EL30012, EL30015, EL31126, EL31127, EL31279, EL31271 Finniss Gravity Survey
Gempart (NT) Pty Ltd EL32196 Numery South
Icopper Pty Ltd EL30256, ELA32015 Ferdies Find Airborne Geophysics