Onshore Bonaparte Basin

The Bonaparte Basin is a large, predominantly offshore, composite polyphase sedimentary basin, extending from onshore coastal areas along the NT–WA border northward into the Timor Sea across Australia's continental margin.

It contains up to 15km of Phanerozoic, marine and fluvial, siliciclastic and carbonate sedimentary rocks with the thickest sections being offshore. The basin is a well established oil and gas province, with proven resources and a number of currently producing fields in offshore areas.

The onshore Bonaparte Basin in the Northern Territory contains the Weaber gas field, and oil and gas shows have also been recorded from a number of other wells. At the Weaber field, which has a 2C Contingent Resource of 11 bcf gas, gas is reservoired in sandstone, interpreted to be the Enga Sandstone of the Langfield Group within a faulted anticlinal trap. The Keep River-1 prospect was a gas discovery that flowed a small but significant amount of gas to surface on test. Gas shows were reported from multiple fine- to medium-grained sandstones interbedded with shale in the lower Milligans Formation and from fractures within the Late Devonian succession.


The onshore Bonaparte Basin is covered by nearly 1,800km of 2D seismic and 13 petroleum wells. A more detailed description of the petroleum potential of the onshore Bonaparte Basin can be found in NTGS Report 22. Open file petroleum company reports and all NTGS data and information on onshore Bonaparte Basin is available from the GEMIS website.