Geoscience Australia releases AusAEM 02 Airborne Electromagnetic Survey


The AusAEM 02 WA/NT, 2019-20 Airborne Electromagnetic Survey package contains processed data flown over the north-west part of the Northern Territory and across the border to the Western Australian coast. The survey was conducted by Geoscience Australia, in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Western Australia and the Northern Territory Geological Survey.

The regional-scale survey was flown at a 20-kilometre nominal line spacing and entailed approximately 55,675 line kilometres of geophysical data.  A further 6,450 line kilometres of infill data at various line-spacings was funded by industry. The proportion of the regional-scale survey flown in the NT is 11%, which includes 6,092 line kilometres of geophysical data.

It follows on from AusAEM Year 1 NT/QLD: Airborne Electromagnetic Survey.