Airborne magnetics survey plane

Upgrading geophysical data coverage

Increased resolution of regional geophysical datasets to target exploration under cover.

The Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) is undertaking targeted regional scale magnetic-radiometric or gravity data acquisition programs in prospective areas to improve data quality and density to modern standards.

The geophysical surveys are funded through Resourcing the Territory with Geoscience Australia providing contract management and quality assurance on behalf of NTGS. Geophysical data acquired through these surveys will be available through NTGS via GEMIS or through Geoscience Australia via GADDS.

2018 Tanami Region Survey

The NTGS Tanami Region Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric Survey was acquired in 2018 over more than 42,000 square km extending from the West Australian border to approximately 300km west of Tennant Creek. The survey was flown at 200m line spacing and more than 240,000 line km were acquired. Industry partners funded an additional 30,000 line km of infill data at 100m spacing.

2019 Mount Peake – Crawford Survey

The NTGS Mount Peake – Crawford Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric Survey was acquired in 2019 and covers an area of approximately 22,000 square km. The survey is centred 250km NNE of Alice Springs and extends from the Tanami Region in the west to 40km east of the Barrow Creek township.

Data was collected along 200m spaced north-south lines at 60m ground clearance. Industry partners are participating in this survey by funding infill data to 100m line spacing over areas of interest.