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Stimulating exploration in Central Australia

Geoscience programs designed to improve the knowledge of the geology and resource potential in central Australia.

The Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) is committed to continuing to open up new greenfields areas for exploration in Central Australia. Under Resourcing the Territory, this will particularly focus on the Amadeus Basin and Aileron Province.

Amadeus Basin

Geoscience mapping will produce updated outcrop maps at 1:250 000 and 1:100 000 across the central and western Amadeus Basin to provide consistent basin-wide stratigraphic correlation and improve the understanding of stratigraphy, structural evolution and palaeogeography. Basin-wide 1:500 000 pre-Mesozoic interpretative geology maps will be produced through the integration of the seamless stratigraphic approach with regional scale geophysics.

Programs have included:

  • completion of mapping the Henbury 1:250,000 and Henbury Special 1:100,000 sheets, with map linework complete
  • helicopter-supported mapping of the Lake Amadeus and Bloods Range 1:250,000 sheets, completed during the 2019 field season
  • revision of the Neoproterozoic to early Cambrian stratigraphic framework of the basin

Recent NTGS data and publications on the Amadeus Basin can be discovered on the GEMIS website.

Aileron Province

Ongoing geoscience outcrop mapping at 1:250 000 and 1:100 000 across the north eastern Aileron and Irindina provinces will provide an updated geological framework to these polymetallic provinces. This updated framework is designed to provide context to a new understanding of the geology and base metals potential of the Aileron Province, including studies of copper-bearing mineral systems in the region.

Programs and outputs in the Aileron Province under Resourcing the Territory have included:

  • ongoing geoscience outcrop mapping at 1:100 000 scale across the northeastern Aileron Province
  • release of the Jervois Range Special 1:100,000 scale geological map and explanatory notes
  • release of the Mount Peake-Crawford magnetic and radiometric survey in the northern Aileron Province
  • release of products on the mineral deposits and potential of copper and tungsten mineral systems across the Aileron Province, including stable isotope and geochronology studies.

Recent data and publications can be discovered on the GEMIS website.